Broward County School Social Work Association


School Social Worker of the Year

Deena Adler, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Deena Adler, LCSW, received her BSW from the University of North Texas (1991) and her MSW from Florida International University (1993).  She has worked as a school social worker in Broward county since 2001, serving various student populations.  She is currently supporting Coral Springs Middle School as their full-time social worker.  Deena has 2 wonderful children (son age 22 and daughter age 18.) In her spare time, Deena enjoys Jazzercise, yoga, and being outdoors.  

School Social Worker Intern of the Year

Connie Pavlik-Zamora

Master of Social Work

BCSSWA Citizens of the Year


Katy Meagher

Rev. Peyton tobin

Peytyn Tobin has a passion for igniting a spark in young leaders that inspires love of others and passion to create positive change in our world. Pastor Peytyn says “I want young leaders to know that they have greatness within them. The way they treat themselves and others makes a difference in who they become. Each person was created to be amazing; and each has the ability to impact the world for the better.”


Lynne Cameron